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Lohmander.com has been constructed in order to meet the following objectives:


The visitor should get information concerning the options to solve economic optimisation problems using software on the INTERNET.


The visitor should be able to instantly solve some economic optimisation problems via the software on INTERNET.


The visitor should be informed of the option to order specially adapted software, which could solve optimisation problems within the company or other activities of the visitor. If you are interested to order such software: Please contact Peter Lohmander for detailed discussions!


The visitor should be informed of the option to order specially adapted lectures and courses of different design and duration. Such courses could be adapted to the problems and optimisation methods of relevance to the company production and logistics or other activities of the visitor. Lohmander has developed and given complete courses (one course contained about 50 hours and ten course participants) using Microsoft Netmeeting and other web software over the INTERNET. The course participants can stay in any place in the world and still participate in all discussions and sequential drawings and graphs on the web based white board. If you are interested to order such software: Please contact Peter Lohmander for detailed discussions!


The visitor should be informed of the option to order special investigations. Such investigations could concern and be adapted to the problems of relevance to the company production and logistics or other activities of the visitor.  If you are interested to order such software: Please contact Peter Lohmander for detailed discussions!


Economic optimisation: Briefing

Economic optimisation is always interesting! The problem is to select the best possible decision(s) when we consider the economic result of some activities. In some cases, it is interesting and important to widen the problem definition and to include the economic and other effects far away from the ongoing activities.

We live in a rather complicated world. It is not always easy to find the economically optimal decisions. This is the case within these areas, which all are of interest and relevance to Lohmander.com: Production planning, logistics, stock planning, capacity optimisation, work force planning … Lohmander.com can offer practical solutions and optimal decisions in particular when risk, uncertainty and dynamics are of importance in the problems. Risk and dynamic programming are some of the strongest areas of competence of Lohmander.com !

First, a relevant problem definition has to be made. Then, the defined problem has to be solved in a correct and efficient way. This is what we call economic optimisation. Finally, the optimal solution has to be correctly interpreted and rationally implemented in the real world situation.

The mathematical methods and algorithms used within the economic optimisation software found at Lohmander.com include multi period linear programming, deterministic and stochastic dynamic programming and nonlinear programming.

The software found at Lohmander.com is mostly constructed in ASP (Active Server Pages), Java, Perl and JavaScript. In all cases, the visitor of the web site can instantly use the software on the personal computer with an INTERNET connection and a standard browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.

A large fraction of the economic optimisation problems at Lohmander.com presently concerns the forest sector and all kinds of management problems within this sector. Typical economic optimisation problems in the forest sector companies are the following: To decide when to harvest a forest stand, how to decide the intensity of some forest plantation investment and how to select harvest activities over time and space in the presence of harvester and forwarder capacity constraints and special area constraints in the forest act. The presently existing web software at Lohmander.com focuses on forest sector company decision optimisation problems because Peter Lohmander is professor of forest management and economic optimisation and has been developing such software for obvious reasons. The methods and algorithms are however completely general and can be used and adapted to real world decision problems in all sectors of the economy and elsewhere!       

CV and References on economic optimisation

This links leads to a CV and references on economic optimisation: Ref.htm


How to contact Lohmander.com

If you are interested in special software, courses or investigations, please contact Peter Lohmander using this e-mail address: Peter@Lohmander.com


Peter Lohmander – background and recent activities:

Peter Lohmander was born in 1956, in Uppsala, Sweden. He graduated from the science program of the Rinman high school in Eskilstuna, 1975. He started his university studies at the Royal College of Forestry (later SUAS) in Garpenberg, Stockholm and Umea. He graduated from the ranger officer education of the cavalry, K4, in 1979. In 1981, he graduated as Civiljägmästare (Master of Science in Forestry).

Lohmander took the graduate education at SUAS, the department of forest economics, in Umeå and got his doctors degree in 1987. Lohmanders graduate studies focused on optimisation applied to economic decisions and operations research. He got the position as lecturer of forest management planning at KVL in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1986 and held that position during one semester. In 1987, Lohmander defended his doctors dissertation on optimal decisions in forest management under the influence of risk.

In 1991, Lohmander was acting professor of management and business administration. In 1995, Lohmander was appointed associate professor of forest economics and January 12, 2000, he was appointed professor of forest management and economic optimisation.

During 2000 and 2001, Peter Lohmander was a referee when one professor in Finland and one professor in USA were appointed. Furthermore, during 2001, Lohmander arranged a stream of sessions within EURO 2001 in Rotterdam, gave lectures within an international graduate course on mountain forestry in Austria and Italy, gave lectures on stochastic dynamic programming within a graduate course for mathematicians from all Swedish universities, arranged and gave one graduate course on economic optimisation, arranged and gave one course on industrial economics for civil engineers, arranged and gave lectures during the popular science week of all Swedish universities and arranged and gave one course on applied economic control in the forest sector.

During 2001, Lohmander also lectured at the university of Vaxjo, in cooperation with the forest company Sodra, developed software for the forest owners association Norrskog, was referee during the final university examination of forest management students at NLH, Norway, made research and developed software within the area of economic optimisation under risk and coordinated the education at the department of forest economics in Umeå. Lohmander also was the supervisor of two masters theses, awarded as the best masters theses, by Driftbyrån, LRF and by Bo Rydins Foundation. Until now, five of his graduate students have received their doctors degrees. More recent activitites are found from the link below.

Conferences, Presentations etc